write with pictures draw with words

why kimann? better words net better results

broad spectrum education + on-the-job experience allow kimann to distill your information into verbiage that will be accurate, illustrative, & memorable

as text crafter & quip stylist, kimann can maximize persuasive impact, especially where low word or character counts are mandated

mindful of the 24/7 info deluge with which we all contend, kimann composes to-the-point, energized verbiage that will stand out & hold its own against today’s countless distractions

need colloquial/regional/generational diversity? no problem

need creative or humorous delivery? corny to caustically dry, she can do it

need savvy & elegant prose? kimann can compose on a dime

website in a slump? maximize impact through freshly honed words & text imagery

did you need it yesterday? via tech savvy, quick wit & professionalism olde schoole, speedy delivery is her norm

with myriad interests & research skills honed, kimann will serve youyour topic with words that will represent You/Your Product at its best

for more by Kimann (KA) Schultz, follow her on Instagram & Twitter @kaschultz_writer & visit https://linktr.ee/K.A.Schultz & www.butterflybroth.com


  • website/web pages: text refinement for flow, brevity & visual optimization
  • promotional, instructive, descriptive copy writing
  • real estate MLS write-ups & residential promotions
  • ad copy: radio & text, dialog & narrative
  • bios & self promotional write ups
  • speech & script writing

creds/areas of interest:

additional websites, built & maintained by kimann

contact KAthewordsmythe@gmail.com or kimannschultz@gmail.com


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