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– write with pictures, draw with words –

broad spectrum education + on-the-job experience, allows kimann to distill your information into vibrant & concise product that will be as accurate & illustrative as it will be memorable

specializing as website text crafter & quip stylist, kimann can maximize persuasive impact wherever low total-character counts are mandated

mindful of the 24/7 info deluge with which we all contend, kimann composes to-the-point, energized verbiage that will stand out & hold its own against today’s countless distractions

need colloquial/regional/generational diversity? no problem

need creative or humorous delivery? from corny to caustically dry, she can do it

did you need it yesterday? with tech savvy, quick wits & respect for professionalism olde schoole, speedy delivery is a promise

with highly varied interests + research skills honed, kimann is ready & able to deliver on your topic, your area of expertise

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feel free to email kimann directly at KAthewordsmythe@gmail.com